G.I. Blues



G.I. Blues 1960 film starring  Elvis Presley, Juliet Prowse and Robert Ivers.  Well, I am here visiting Graceland so it is only prudent that I watch a couple of the King’s films.

Tulsa (Elvis) is a soldier who sings in a small band and aspires to own his own night club.  While stationed in Germany he accepts a bet that he can spend a full night with a seemingly cold, untouchable singer at a club.  Once he gets to know her though his morals come out and he can’t go through with it.  Then one night an army buddy asks him to babysit but Tulsa is in over his head and he asks Lili (Prowse) for help.

Some of the King’s films garnered more praise than others and I believe this one is in that category.  Now as an actor, Elvis was just mediocre but he had a huge following from the young ladies at the time.  I know some time after Elvis entered into film contracts he had said that when they were over he would go back on the road instead of making more.  In the fifties and sixties musicals were very popular and the studio knew that when they got the King to do some they would be sure fire sellers.  Well, they were right.

This and several other Elvis films still hold up in today’s market.  I mean, the only real way to improve on a musical film is the talent you put in it.  This film was good, the premise ok and the actors were good.  I only go three on this because the stage and sets were obvious, the acting was good but not great and it just seemed, especially when he was singing, that the people watching the songs were staged.  Just not a hundred percent authentic.

I will say that this film and many others of the King’s will live on and can easily stand the test of time.  A must for all Elvis fans.



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