Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, 1954 film starring  Jane Powell, Howard Keel, Jeff Richards and Julie Newmar.  We go way back in time with this classic musical from the fifties.

The story centers around a backwoodsman Adam (Keel) in the 1850’s in Oregon who lives with his six other brothers.  When one day he shows up at home with a wife, Milly (Powell).  Well, the other brothers now want wives of their own and Milly decides she will educate the brothers and ready them for going out and seeking wives.

The fifties found us with musicals like this, I was a great era.  I am not a big fan of musicals but I can appreciate the value in them.  By today’s standards this film would not get great marks but imagine being there back then, watching, dancing…singing!  Well, it would have been fun to watch.  I remember watching this film as a small boy and thought it was good but today…eh well, I gave it another shot.  The film had some big names in it like Keel and Powell.  The dancing and singing was ok but I can’t imagine a world where we break into song every time something happens.  The story was just ok, gave us a good setting for the dance and music numbers.  You could certainly tell they were on sets and not really outside but hey, it was the fifties so they get a huge pass.  Hard to believe this film is sixty three years old though, wow!