Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas, 1964 film starring  Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret and Cesare Danova.  What a fun look back to the Elvis era!

Lucky Jackson (Presley) arrives in Vegas for a big race with his newly created car.  Now he just has to go to LA to pick up the engine, bring it back and get ready for race day.  He meets a gal who he instantly become smitten with, Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret) and decides to stay one night while he tries to get more acquainted.  In the process however he ends up losing his money when it slips out of his pocket after Rusty pushed him into the pool.  Elmo Mancini (Danova) , fellow racer and lover of women also wants Rusty.  Not only is it a fight for first place in the race but it is also a fight to win Rusty’s heart.

I absolutely loved this film, one of his better one’s I think.  There wasn’t much plot to the story, just good fun, good scenery and a lot of singing.  Ann-Margret stole the show for me though.  Perhaps the only leading lady who could ever take the attention away from the King.  As it was made in the early sixties the acting by today’s standards was no good but you have to look at from the viewpoint of back then.  Then add on the fact that Elvis is in it then it becomes just enjoyable and fun.

I loved the setting, 1960’s Las Vegas.  This was probably one of my favorite time periods and places.  I was born in sixty four and didn’t even get to Vegas my first time until 07 but it has always been my favorite place.  I love the history of the place and love the neon look of the sixties there.  Had to have been an awesome time to go there.

I give this a hearty four because it was so much fun to watch.  You could tell in Elvis’s eyes that he was really smitten with Ann-Margret in real life not just the movie.  And who wouldn’t be, she was and still is a very beautiful woman.  She was the biggest sex symbol of the sixties!  This film was for pure enjoyment and fun, I wont rip it apart like some do, just have fun with it!