Walk The Line

Walk The Line, 2005 film starring Joaquin PhoenixReese Witherspoon and Ginnifer Goodwin.  Great telling of the story of The Man In Black.

It’s the story of the life of famed music star Johnny Cash.  From the trauma as a child, making it in the music industry, his drug addiction to his marriage to June Carter.  It chronicles his highs and low throughout his journey.

You could not have cast a better choice for this film.  Reese and Joaquin actually sang the music in this film after about six months of vocal training prier to the filming and they did an absolutely splendid job.  As I have said before, I love watching true tales made into the big screen and this one did not disappoint.  Of course everyone knew Cash and his music, he became legend in that community but like so many others I did not fully know the hardships he endured growing up.  This was a true man who had a few bumps along the way and made some terrible choices, much like all of us.

The acting was great and the visuals throughout his time line were very convincing.  I don’t see any way the studio’s stepped on any toes making this, it was real and pretty acurate.  I have seen this movie now probably three times and actually have the soundtrack to listen to in my car. (With Reese and Joaquin doing the singing!)  Will continue to be on my ‘Watch Again’ shelf.

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