Beauty And The Briefcase

Beauty And The Briefcase, 2010 film starring Hilary DuffChris Carmack and Michael McMillian.  Warning….chick flick…warning… How I got sucked into watching this one I don’t know.

A novice freelance writing sells an idea to Cosmopolitan Magazine and is made to play the roll as well.  Lane (Duff) must go undercover at a finance company to date and write about it.

Where do I begin?  This is a typical Duff film, playing the giggling school girl who just graduated type.  I didn’t know what category to put this one in, maybe create a Lame one!  More like a typical teenager movie that to me tries to glamorize young women on the prowl in the cities.  Insulting further the business community that tries to keep standards high and not let this chicanery happen.  If you are a young girl who wants to fantasise about life in the big city then I guess this is for you, if you are a young man who just wants to stare at Duff then it’s for you as well.  Other than that there is no audience for this.  The acting was just so, so.  Duff, though obviously grown up now, still acts like a teenage girl and that is, unfortunately how the film comes off.  A word to Hilary, if you want to become a proper grown up actor you will need to step outside your norm and experiment in hard drama.  Was only going to give it a two but bumped it up one more because I enjoyed McMillian’s acting, he was funny.