2010 : The Year We Made Contact

2010 : The Year We Made Contact, 1984 film starring Roy Scheider, John Lithgow and Helen Mirren.  The best possible sequel to an original film.

The year is now 2010, some 9 years after the Monolith phenomenon and the loss of the Discovery crew.  The Discovery is now in a decaying orbit around Io and even though tensions between Russia and the United States are tense a small group of Americans join the Russian crew of the Alexei Leonov on a mission to Jupiter to save the Discovery and investigate just what happened out there.  From giant monolith’s to new life forms and a crazy aerobraking maneuver the crew go through an eerie adventure that ends up with the world being put on notice!

The original 2001 film was a classic, an adventure but it wasn’t a film that hugely entertained.  Don’t get me wrong, the original was thought provoking but it lacked the essence of a film.  There was not a huge amount of actor dialog nor much explanation.  2010 on the other hand was filled with great stars and lots of dialog.

2010 was based on the Novel by Sir Arthur C. Clarke who not only wrote 2001 but continued with the series to a total of four books.  Maybe some of the big production companies could look at doing more??  This film stayed true to the facts of the original and wanted to give us, the audience, some of the answers to questions that arose in the first.  It did and it was very entertaining.  Scheider was a fabulous actor and Lithgow and Mirren, to up and coming actors also did a fabulous job.  Now the special effects used back in the eighties were no where near what they are today and you have to take that into account while watching.  You can see various faults in it but I looked past it because, well, it was the early eighties!!

I think this film was under praised by the critics, even the folks on some sites that rate movie.  Even as a stand alone film I think this is a winner.  It was nominated four five Oscars and even won Best Dramatic Presentation at the 1985 Hugo Awards.  Can’t be that bad then!  This film is definitely worth a watch and a re-watch, it is firmly on my ‘Watch Again’ shelf.



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