Apollo 13

Apollo 13, 1995 film starring Tom HanksBill PaxtonKevin Bacon, Ed Harris and Gary Sinise.  Probably one of the best historic telling movies of all time.  With the help of cgi and perfect time period sets, costumes and of course the perfect actors, this film was so realistic you almost thought you were there with them.

It’s 1970 and Jim Lovell along with along with Fred Haise and Jack Swigert are given a ride to the moon.  Only the third mission to set foot on the moon, something Lovell has been waiting for his whole life.  As history shows us, when they were just finished a live video feed after docking with the LEM, Swigert, who was closest to the switch to stir the oxygen tanks (a regular procedure), was told to do so then it happened.  The second most famous phrase in space flight history was uttered, “Houston, we have a problem”.  The oxygen tanks ruptured and sent the spacecraft hurtling out of control.  With the quick thinking of Lovell and Haise they managed to stabilize the craft.  After that they realized the horror of what happened.

The mission was now doomed and they need to get the astronauts back but the only way without the fuel and oxygen now would be to move all three to the LEM (only designed for two) and ride out the path to the moon, swing around and head straight back.  The fate of the crew rests in the hands of quick thinking minds on earth and themselves.  The whole world watched as the rescue unfolded on live tv.  History would show this as the most successful failure ever in the space program.

This film is a definite keeper, you just can’t get enough of the history and the feelings it produces.  Seeing everyone come together to get them back, the world watches and prays, just magnificent to watch.

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