Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica, 1978 film starring Lorne GreeneRichard HatchDirk Benedict and more.  The epic movie that began the Sci Fi cult series that stands the test of time.

We all know the story, the 12 colonies were destroyed by the evil Cylons thanks to the help of Baltar (John Colicos).  Adama (Green) must find every available ship on the ground and put as many as they can carry in it and save what is left of the human race.  Where to go though?  Adama decides to trust a tale, written in scriptures of a lost colony of humans who are far from here, living on a planet know as earth.  They flee towards Earth with the Cylons giving chase.

Thus began a weekly tv show that lasted from 1978 to 1979.  Though the show was only on a short while it got a huge following right away and continues to even gain new followers to this day.  There have been several attempts to re-boot the show but has never hit the popularity the original made.  I was a kid when this first came out and I was hooked for life.  It shaped the way I viewed space and the old good vs evil fight.

Now because the movie back then was so expensive to produce, they did use scenes over and over and you could pick those out.  Today you would hold that against them but not back then.  The acting, even by today’s standards was very good.  The props and early forms of cgi were much to be desired, you could see flaws in them and some kids today could probably make better but even though you can pick out all these flaws today, you can’t help but really enjoy it when you see it again and believe me, this film (and series) is at the top of my watch again shelf.  Loved it.

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