Capricorn One

Capricorn One, 1977 film starring Elliott GouldJames BrolinBrenda Vaccaro and OJ Simpson.  Oh the conspiracy theorists were a buzz with this one!

Nasa is about to launch a mission to Mars but they know it won’t work.  To prevent their funding being cancelled Nasa decides to fake the mission, just this once.  Problem is, the three astronauts were not told till mission start and they don’t like it.  They decide to escape the clutches of the secret Nasa and Military and let the world know what is really happening.

I am giving this a four star because the story was good, don’t forget this was made in the seventies.  Studio’s were just getting the hang of this new technique called special effects.  The story, long since thought true by conspiracy theorists of the moon landings, was from the perspective of the astronauts and how the government can become so corrupt it doesn’t think of what it will do to their civilians.  Then again, in the seventies, alot of cover ups were starting to come to light.  The cast was a good choice although I harbor pre-conceived thoughts about OJ and didn’t like him in this film.  Supporting stars like Hal Holbrook, Karen Black and Telly Savalas really lent credence to this film.  It was an enjoyable watch and would again.

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