Chappie, 2015 film starring Sharlto CopleyDev PatelHugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver.  Humans sit at home while robots police us, what could possibly go wrong?

In one possible future robots are our police force to criminal activity at bay.  Deon Wilson (Patel), an engineer and robot creator takes one of his companies robots that were scheduled for destruction.  He has been working on programming code that he believes will turn the robot sentient.  It works and Chappie (Copley) is born.  He is in the possession of some criminals who try to raise him to be their guard and fellow criminal.  Vincent (Jackman) gets wise and has his own plans to stop all robots so he can sell his mutated, armed killing robots.

I am not sure why I waited so long to see this film, I guess backl then I saw the title and the cover and quickly labeled it as a kids movie.  It certainly is not!  The idea is not a new one, we have seen films such as I Robot take on this very story of sentient robots.  The criminal element is also not new but I think the writers here did a fair job of making it their own.  The acting was very good, it actually took me a few minutes to realize that was Jackman.  Weaver, a big name, was good but she was definitely not the top billed or the focus of the film but added great support to the story.  Cgi was actually incredible.  Chappie interacts a lot with humans and you had a hard time telling that the robot was just computer generated.  The Chappie character was great, staring out as a young ‘boy’ and being taught everything (good and bad).  He quickly gained his own personality and that made the film great.  Good job, I actually may watch this again one day.