Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, 1977 film starring Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut and Teri Garr.  The first blockbuster sci-fi on the big screen.

A government contingent seeks to find answers when planes and ships start appearing that had been classed as lost decades ago, when people start seeing and hearing the same thing and when UFO’s start flying around.  At the same time Roy (Dreyfuss) sees a ufo and wants answers.  Not only that, he starts visioning something he can’t explain, a place… an object !  He is not the only one and the race is on to find the answers.

I first saw this film in theaters when I was a kid and it gave us all something to wonder about.  It shaped the way we thought and it put into focus the burning question as to whether we are alone in the universe.  It also played on young boys dreams but all good, that’s what they needed.  This film still holds up today as a great watch.  Though tech was very much in it’s infancy they found the right ways to pull it off.  Spielberg has to be one of the all time film genius’s, I have yet to watch a bad film he made.  The acting was great, Dreyfuss and Garr made a great team then so did Dreyfuss and Melinda Dillon.  As I said, special effects by today’s standards are garbage but by 70’s standards were way ahead of others.   The film still left you with the mystery of the aliens, where did they come from?, why did they return people and things they acquired decades ago?

I would love to see Spielberg make a sequel now, could be spectacular!  This film was bar none, the best film (sci-fi) to come out of the seventies.  Even on IMDB it gets a 7.7 and those are mostly reviews from younger folks who were not even born then!  There are not too many films that reach this high a status and will be watched time and again, this one does and it still gets top marks from me.