Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow, 2014 film starring Tom CruiseEmily Blunt and the late great Bill Paxton.  Superb take on alien invasion of earth.

Cruise plays Cage, an officer who is thrust into combat fighting the Mimics ( a race of aliens that landed in Europe in a meteor ) who are bent on taking over the planet.  As the fight begins on the beaches of  France (nice cliche) it seems hopeless.  The Mimics are too many and they are over running the troops.  Cage fights as best he can but within minutes he is killed.  He is not dead though, he wakes up the day before and the whole series of events begins again.  He must use this to his advantage because every time he is killed the day resets itself and he begins again.  Now he must learn with the help of Rita (Blunt), a famed soldier,  who teaches him everything he must do to defeat the enemy.

It’s a little more complicated than my description but don’t worry, you will get it.  This movie was a very fresh approach to an alien invasion film and I enjoyed it very much.  The CGI was stunning, the way they created the United Defense Force at Heathrow, the battle scenes and the wasteland that was Paris all fantastic.  As I said, the story here was great and I got into this film almost right away.  I don’t mind Tom Cruise as an actor, lately he has been making some wonderful sci-fi’s and great action films.

This film was very entertaining and has previously made it to my ‘Watch Again’ shelf.  Cruise and Blunt meshed very well together and the overall result was a power house action sci-fi.  You will love it if this is your sort of thing, I certainly did.  Doesn’t get a five from me because there was room for some improvement in the CGI when it came to the exoskeleton fighting suits.