Extinction, 2018 film starring Michael PeñaLizzy Caplan and Amelia Crouch.  Stirring end of days sci fi with a nice twist.

Peña plays a fantastic part as Peter, father of two and husband who keeps having strange dreams that the world is going to be attacked by aliens.  His dreams are so real that he can’t sleep or function properly.  Then the day comes, they were not dreams but  somehow a foreshadow of what was to come.  The aliens attacked and everyone is running for their lives.  The mission of the aliens, it seems is to kill every living person they see, man, woman and children.  Now Peter is in the race of his life, to save his family from extinction.  A race that uncovers a secret no one knew about.

This film was very good.  It was a little slow to start while we got to know our characters but once the story had a definite direction I got right into it.  This was well written and the story was kind of meant to lure you away from the truth a bit until the big reveal.  Took me by surprise but then you went … ah, now I get it!  The visuals were great, unless you are a ten year old with your first cgi computer it is pretty hard to knock what they can accomplish these days.  Peña is a good actor, I believed his character and I was rooting for him, even after the big reveal.  The supporting actors were ok, nothing to write home about.  This is a Netfix ‘original’ and no box office blockbuster so keep that in mind when you see it.  A lot of sites have trashed this film but for no good reason’s except it didn’t meet their stupid high standards.  Sure, it reminds us of a few other movies made but the twist makes it it’s own and I like it.  Don’t believe what you read negatively about this film until you have seen it yourself.