Gravity, 2013 film starring Sandra BullockGeorge ClooneyEd Harris.  Very tense and plausible film, with what we know is up there could this really happen?

This film was meant to be epic and it was close.  It was so heavy with CGI and effects but they blended them very well.  The story is about a Russian satellite that explodes leaving debris scattered in orbit which collides with the space shuttle, creating even more debris.  Now to astronauts must fight to survive before the debris comes around again for another blow.  Could this happen?  Who knows for sure but with the amount of crap up there it wouldn’t shock me.

The actors were great, Bullock was pretty convincing and Clooney was his usual brilliant self.  The action and effects were there from the get go.  If you haven’t seen it, do so.  For myself, it has been on my ‘Watch Again’ list for a long time.  Sheesh, my shelves are getting so full with movies I am going to have to add some more.  Well done!

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