Green Lantern

Green Lantern, 2011 film starring  Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard.  DC Comics film that was fun but not a blockbuster.

In the DC Universe the Green Lantern Corps, an elite defense force of peace and justice have existed for centuries.  When one of it’s members crashes on Earth a reckless pilot, Hal Jordan (Reynolds) rescues him.  Knowing he is dying the Lantern chooses and transfers the powers of the Lantern to Hal.  Hal reluctantly takes on the challenge and is soon called upon to help defeat Parallax, a powerful being that feeds on fear and is bent on taking over.

I can’t give too many thumbs up for this film.  I just didn’t get into it the way I do with other super hero films.  It was somewhat entertaining but I think Reynolds was the wrong choice for the hero.  Not saying I don’t like him but he is just so much better in his modern and comedic films.

The CGI used was very good and I did enjoy that aspect of it but you need a great story combined with the right actors as well to make it the film that is revered.  This one, not so much.  The problem these days is that all the comic producers are looking to cash in on these types of blockbusters, even to the point of using their weaker stories and hero’s.

That being said it was still entertaining for a watch only once film.  Reynolds did manage to bring in some of his style into the film and the acting all the way around was ok.  We are all into this type of film so I won’t trash it completely, you will have to see it to make your own opinion.  For me though, DC needs to step it back up.



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