How It Ends

How It Ends, 2018 film starring Theo JamesKat GrahamNancy Sorel and Forest Whitaker.  Visually stunning end of civilization film.

While in Chicago on a business trip Will (James) visits his girlfriends parents.  The next day at the airport all of the flights suddenly get cancelled and news reports of a mysterious disaster starts spreading.  Soon, the power goes out and people start panicking.  His girlfriends father, Tom (Whitaker), a retired marine see’s that this is not just a power outage and Will and Tom hop in a car and begin to head west to Seattle where the girlfriend/daughter is.  What they see and what they must do to get there is the story!

So, visually, this film was great.  The one thing I can’t stand though is a poor ending.  The film was a little slow to start but after the event I started getting into it, soon I was hooked.  There were some very powerful parts throughout and near the end there was a very tense moment in a storm … then … the credits start rolling!  That was no ending.  Throughout the film you were given subtle clues as to whether it was a natural disaster or world war three, one would think that you would find out at the end.  Not so, now I am left wondering what the hell caused this!!

Another part of the story is the fact that the instant the counties structure starts to break down the people become gun toting, selfish murderers!  Really, is that what the citizens would do.  I hope that they would band together and try to help as many survive as possible not shoot them and steal their gas!! …. I’m rambling a bit I know but this film could have been so good.  The cast was ok, Whitaker of course was good.  The visuals, as I said were very well done, I was impressed by not only the burning cities but the train wrecks and downed planes etc.  The story, well it could have been great but they blew it at the end.  You can’t show the hero just barely surviving then roll credits without showing the what’s and why’s so we all have piece of mind.  Dam, this could have been so good!