Independence Day, Resurgence

Independence Day, Resurgence, 2016 film starring Liam HemsworthJeff GoldblumBill Pullman and more.  They’re back and much bigger than ever in this sequel to the 1996 blockbuster.

This film takes place twenty years after the first attack, humanity has recovered and is using technology acquired from all the captured space ships.  Our heroic president Whitmore (Pullman) is retired and some thinking going crazy,  David Levinson (Goldblum) is out in other countries exploring the spacecraft still and our hero pilot Captain Hiller (Will Smith in the original) had died a few years earlier. (I guess Smith didn’t want to be in the sequel so they had to write him out!!)

Our new generation of hero’s are on the moon base when the aliens reappear, this time with a ship that is almost as big as the planet earth.  This time they need to finish what one of the earlier ships started (Drilling into the planets core).  Also in this trip is the alien queen, who wants to eradicated the system of the nuisance called humans.  With the help and information from a life form that the aliens killed off eons ago our hero’s get into the fight of their lives to save earth and everyone in it.

I believe they could have done much better with this sequel.  Nothing can actually compare to the original no matter how they try.  They over did it with bigger and better special effects and big box office stars.  Now I’m not saying I didn’t find it entertaining which is the entire point of film making but I think they should have kept it more grounded to the original, maybe they should have convinced Will Smith to be in it, who knows!  I will likely watch this again some day but it doesn’t measure up to a sequel to one of the best films ever made (IMHO)