Independence Day

Independence Day, 1996 film starring Will SmithBill PullmanJeff Goldblum and more.  In my eyes this is one of the best alien invasion film made.  The story was great and it contained an abundance of great actors.

It’s just days before independence day in the US when it is discovered that a massive alien craft is heading for earth.  Soon it breaks up and giant ships end up of major cities throughout the world.  A cable technician soon discovers a signal from the mother ship still in orbit to all the ships around the earth and realizes that something sinister is coming.

Then it happens, the ships over the cities start destroying them and the war is on.  David Levinson (Goldblum) manages to get the warning to the president and they escape moments before Washington is destroyed.  They take air force one to area 51 and come up with a plan to take the aliens down, all over the world.   Obviously more goes on between what I have said but you get the drift.

For the mid 90’s the film was filled with spectacular effects and visuals, really awesome stuff.  The casting choice was great, I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else.  This is a definite ‘watch again’ film, this was probably the seventh or eighth time I have seen it now.

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