Looper, 2012 film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.  This film takes talking to yourself to a whole new level!

Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is a looper, executioners for the mob.  The thing is he works for the mob of the future!  In the year 2074, when the mob needs to make someone disappear, they send that person back into the past where the ‘Looper’ is waiting to kill and dispose of.  When a looper becomes useless to the mob they send their future selves back, the looper kills him and carries on with his life.  Of course until such time in the future the mob captures him and sends him back to his death!!  This happens to Joe who can’t kill his future self (Willis) and ends up changing the course of his history.  His future self escapes and tries to find the mob boss, who would be a child at this time, and kill him in order to preserve his time line.

Sounds crazy I know but if you watch it closely you pick up on what is going on.  Fantastic story and relatively original.  Brings up the age old paradox that could you go back in time, kill someone to change history, would you still exist?  You can rack your brain on that, I will just be entertained.  Willis and Gordon-Levitt were great in this and so was Blunt, the mother of the future evil mob king.  The film was fresh, exciting, full of action but also contained a well made story that was not hard to follow.  There have been many time travel movies in the past but this one put a new, fresh spin on it.  It is a good watch and one I will likely see again.  Yes, this one goes on my ‘Watch Again’ shelf.