Lost In Space

Lost In Space, 1998 film starring Gary Oldman, Mimi Rogers, Lacey Chabert, William Hurt, Heather Graham and Matt LeBlanc.  The first remake of the original television series.  It’s a good thing they are remaking it again!  I was not to fond of this version.

The Robinson family guided by the father (Hurt) whisks his family off to help make a better life for humanity but along the way become lost when the evil Dr Smith (Oldman) who was trapped on the ship damages it.  It’s then they must find their way back but find a future ship of their own filled with big spiders and end up crashing on a nearby planet.

It could have been so much better than it was.  Sure, Oldman and Hurt are big names and did help it from sinking.  LeBlanc did nothing for the film.  Visuals were great for the late nineties but that’s it.

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