Marooned, 1969 film starring  Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, James Franciscus and Gene Hackman.  Classic Sci-Fi with some big names.

After spending several months in an orbiting space lab three American astronauts are heading home.  In their capsule the three are ready to be home, the retro’s don’t fire though, the mechanism that would bring them down from orbit into the atmosphere.  It soon becomes aware that the three men are stranded in orbit with only a limited amount of air to keep them alive.  Their only hope, an un-tested space vehicle.  The race is on to launch the rescue and save the astronauts before they run out of life giving oxygen!

I love flipping through ebay and their classic dvd’s, that’s where I found this beauty.  I had seen it on tv as a young boy and did remember the story so when I saw it on-line I had to buy it.  I was not disappointed.  It was fun to watch again.  I have only garnished it with a three simply because I have watched it with different eyes now and did pick out a few technical flaws.

The story was great though.  The film makers wanted a true to Nasa type film without a whole lot of exaggerating and I think they pulled it off.  For the late sixties this was nail biter right down to the end.  There were also some huge names of the time leading this group of excellent actors.  For entertainment purposes, this film was good.  A bit slow in spots, especially some of the capsule scenes but it was very good.

There was of course, no CGI in the sixties so they had to rely on minimum special effects.  I know a kid with an i-phone can do better today but don’t forget, it was made in 1969.  It irritates me when people see it now for the first time and give it a crappy review because of the dated effects and acting styles.  Ok you people, it was made in the sixties and you have to view it like that, do not compare it to a film made today, that’s just not fair to it.