Maze Runner : The Death Cure

Maze Runner : The Death Cure, 2018 film starring Dylan O’BrienKi Hong Lee and Kaya Scodelario.  Third in this triple header that is much better than the second and answers most of our questions.

In the final film of this trilogy, Thomas and the gang finally find out where Minho (Hong Lee) is being held.  A daring rescue mission is hatched into the legendary ‘Last City’ which is WCKD controlled.  There they must face old enemies, new ones and challenges never dreamed of.  With the gladers be successful?

I went into this one thinking that it would be like number two but hoping for the best.  I was surprised.  This episode was the most thrilling one of the three.  They didn’t drag their feet with a slow story.  It was a great ending and the writers nailed it this time.  You can see that the young actors in this have grown their abilities since the first, they all did a much better job, I was convinced they were who they portrayed in the film.  Yes, I was very entertained by this film, the story led me to a conclusion in this trilogy that I understood and can live with though did I see a glimmer in Thomas’s eye at the end that this could possibly be .. not over??

The cgi was perfect like the first two, these days film companies are masters at this.  I say this is definitely a ‘Watch Again’ series but you will likely need to binge watch all three so that the second one doesn’t throw you off.