Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials

Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, 2015 film starring Dylan O’BrienKaya ScodelarioThomas Brodie-Sangster.  Second installment in the triple header, not as good as the first.

Thomas (O’Brien) and the gang have escaped the maze but now find themselves with new obstacles form WCKD in a desolate (Scorched) city where zombie like creatures hunt them.  They meet up with resistance fighters who are also being hunted by WCKD.

Not as good as the first though nothing ever usually is.  This story was a bit slow and the gang spent all of it just running from the evil WCKD.  It could have actually been condensed enough to ad to the end of the first one.  The acting was good, no real issues there and of course the cgi was great.  The story though, I didn’t get the trials, there really weren’t any.  By the title you would assume that WCKD would have put them in another theater and watched them get out of it.  Now I haven’t read the book so there may be more to it but in my opinion the producers didn’t give you that.  Oh well, lets see what the third one brings.