Minority Report

Minority Report, 2002 film starring  Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow and Neal McDonough.  Pretty good Sci-Fi from Cruise.

In the distant future Chief John Anderton (Cruise) is a cop in the pre-crime division.  A division of the police that stops murders before they are comitted with the help of three ‘pre-cogs’, they have special powers that allow them to see into the future where someone will commit a murder.  Then the tables are turned on the chief and his name comes up as a suspect in the cities next homicide!  He must go on the run and find out what or who is responsible and to clear his name.

My Take, good film.  It is an older one so the story was kind of fresh.  The pre-cogs were interesting but why do they only see murders in the future, why not crime as a whole or even what good is to come?  Even being products of drug mothers, if they see the future shouldn’t they be able to see it all?  Cruise is definitely a great actor no matter his personal life, he tells a tale very nicely.  The supporting cast was good and filled with some great names.

The CGI was great but I can’t see a future where our cars go vertical and sideways up and down giant buildings!  That was a little over the top.  The writing was good but it turns out to be a murder mystery encompassed by tonnes of CGI.  Not a future we are heading for I hope.  I give it a passing grade because, yes, I was entertained but it’s not likely a ‘watch again’ film for me