Mission To Mars

Mission To Mars, 2000 film starring  Tim Robbins, Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle and Jerry O’Connell.  Good Sci-Fi but I was not blown away.

After the first mission to Mars ended mysteriously a rescue mission is planned.  When the rescue mission arrives on the red planet they find one survivor of the original mission.  The world had thought the mission ended in a disastrous storm but the survivor tell his rescuers that it was no ordinary storm.  He said they saw an unidentified structure and this storm was meant to protect it, or something else.

I read a novel by Allen Steele years ago that this somewhat reminds me of.  The story was good and made for entertaining the audience.  I enjoyed this film but I am a huge science fiction buff so I try and watch them all.  This one was much better than the likes of the Red Planet which was not bad either.

The acting was solid I thought, with some good names like Connie Nielsen and Peter Outerbridge as well as the top billed cast.  The effects were actually pretty good, a lot of folks have bashed it but I thought they were well done.  The story is one that makes you think among the many stories now about our first visit to the red planet.

It’s a good watch worth revisiting from time to time.  Makes you think though, did life here stem from Mars?  Some say yes, there is the belief that Mars was very habitable thousands of years ago and they were forced to move for one reason or another.  Do our scientists already know?  Hopefully I am still around when man finally steps foot on the planet for real!