Pacific Rim : Uprising

Pacific Rim : Uprising, 2018 film starring John BoyegaScott Eastwood and Cailee Spaeny.  Part two of the glorified monster movie series.

In this episode son of Stacker, Jake (Boyega) faces either jail or re-enlistment because of his thievery.  Obviously he chooses to re-enlist or this would be a short film!  Just at the same time he is back another enemy comes along, a rouge Jaeger seemily bent on destroying them.  Turns out to be the Kaiju  coming at them in a different way.  It’s up to the team to save the world!

This film was not near as exciting as I had anticipated.  The acting was way under par for the most part and the story just didn’t work well for me.  Seems to me these days that the studio’s are in a hurry to put a film out there to make huge cash but they are not putting any heart into it, they are not being as picky as they should be and the result is a loss in quality films.  I’m not saying the visuals here were horrible, quite the opposite, they were great but they centered the film around the cgi.  Monster movies, huge monsters are very over rated and flood the market way too often and you get a bit sick of it.  I give it a three only for the work put into it.  I won’t watch it twice… come on Hollywood, dust away the book on cgi and look for the book on quality films.

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