Race To Witch Mountain

Race To Witch Mountain, 2009 film starring Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino and AnnaSophia Robb.  Modern version of the 70’s tv films.

A Las Vegas cab driver picks up an unusual fair, a pair of young aliens who recently crashed their ship near the area.  The cabbie, Jack Bruno (Johnson) enlist the help of a UFO expert who happens to be speaking at the Las Vegas UFO convention going on.  There, the two must get the kids to Witch Mountain, a government facility where their ship is being held so the can leave the planet with what they came for.   Along the way they are hunted by not only the FBI but also from ‘Syphon’, a killer sent by the military from the kids home world.

I loved the’Rock’ in this one.  He can pull off funny even with those gigantic arms of his and the stereotypes he has created.  You can see the emotion he puts into his role, he really is a solid actor and I guess eye candy for all the ladies!   The story originated in the seventies with the two other Witch Mountain films, this version just gave it more of a ‘today’ feel to it.  The kids were played by Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb and they both did ok, more so Robb as she definitely showed her own style of emotion.  I loved how the story put the kids crashing their UFO near Vegas right when there was an alien convention going on though that was similar to the film ‘Paul’.  CGI was good when required, it all looked pretty real to me.  You will have a good time watching this one, I know I was thoroughly entertained.  Great Job.