Rampage, 2018 film starring Dwayne JohnsonNaomie HarrisMalin Akerman.  Another man battles monster movie destroying cities on a mass scale.

Three different animals in the US are infected with a crazy pathogen that crashed on earth from the space station.  Not only does it make them grow (Huge) but turns them into crazy, destructive killers… bla bla bla, we all know the story.

Now I like Johnson but these type of films only serve his wallet, not us!  It was mildly entertaining I must admit but we’ve seen this stuff over and over.  If it was not for Johnson and Harris this film would have flopped big time.  It also doesn’t hurt that the critics are in the pockets of the production companies and can hype up the movie to the point that everyone must see it!  Now I don’t regret watching it, like I said, it was mildly entertaining but like the newer Godzilla films, I will only see once.  This one will have to be a judge yourself type of film, don’t watch the trailers for it or there is no point in watching the film.  Now I am a bit worried about Johnson’s next flick ‘Skyscraper’, it looks remarkably similar in cgi style to this film and even San Andreas! (Coming soon to my reviews).

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