Red Planet

Red Planet, 2000 film staring  Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore.  The Red Planet inhabited by what??  What else is missing?

A dying Earth send astronauts to Mars to find out what was going wrong with their terraforming plans.  They get to Mars but suffer a problem with their main ship and must evacuate to the planet in their lander, well, all but one.  The lander encounters it’s own problems and crashes on the planet.  Not only is it up to the remaining crew to determine what happened to the terraforming but also to survive and report back.  They are plagued by lack of oxygen and a robot they brought that suffered damage in the crash and now just wants to kill the remaining crew.

This was an ok film.  Nothing spectacular.  Kilmer was good, this was made before he went down hill.  The story had some holes in it and parts at the beginning were a bit messy and hard to follow.  The idea that there was still an atmosphere there and they didn’t know it until their oxygen had ran out and they were dying was pretty good.  Bugs though!  Especially ones that seem to like human meat!  Come on.  I think the story could have held up if they didn’t do that!  The scenery was good even with the obvious use of red filters while filming in the desert though I am pretty sure I may have seen part of a shrub at one point.  Oops!  Cgi was good but the space scenes it was obvious.

It was a good watch though, I enjoyed it but likely will not see again, there are better Mars films out there.  Still, if you like Sci Fi then this should be on your watch list.