Space Station 76

Space Station 76, 2014 film starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Marisa Coughlan.  Retro 70’s flop!  Even some movies made in the 70’s are better to watch than this.  Oh Liv Tyler….why did you choose to do this?

SS76 is a refueling station in space in the year 1976.  New first mate Jessica (Tyler) discovers that the inhabitants all seem to have issues!  Infidelity, drug addiction and depression are among them.  Even Captain Glenn (Wilson) harbors his own secret.

What can I say?  Big mistake for Tyler and Wilson to be in, sure didn’t help their resume.  The one thing this film got right was the way the seventies would look and feel.  I thought it was a sci fi, then a comedy, then a tragedy.  I was laughing at scenes that weren’t meant to be funny and not laughing at others.  Seriously, you have got to see this once to see what I mean.  I think the writers may have been having a flashback to the seventies when they were strung out on coke and imagining all kinds of things.  Sorry, one watch is enough for this film.

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