Space Truckers

Space Truckers, 1996 film starring Dennis Hopper, Debi Mazar and George Wendt.  Outer space fail is the result from this space trucker saga!

John Canyon (Hopper) is a space truckers who’s load is hijacked by a greedy pork operator.  He takes on a special load and crew for the ride to earth but the load, which he doesn’t even know what it is, creates more problems for him.  Space pirates capture his space truck and want his load.  Lead by a half android, half man (with his own back story) they unleash the load, hundreds of unstoppable killer robots!  Canyon and his crew must now save the world from them.

The only reason I give this one a two star is because of Hopper, he had always been great. (He must have had a bad year in 96!!)  Apart from half decent CGI this film was a waste of time.  At best it was a ‘B’ movie.  Oh there are those who will think it is all just fun and I agree, it was amusing but in the way when something is so stupid its funny.  I’ll give em that.  The story was so so, with a better cast and more realistic CGI this could have been much better.  The cast at hand though, except for Hopper I would have gone somewhere else in the star pool.

The creators were obviously going for a space opera with flare and comedy, maybe like Spaceballs but it just didn’t end up that way.  Hell, I could even see the wires when they were supposedly floating in space.  Come on, even in the mid nineties they could hide that!!  Sorry, this film gets a fail and will end up in my yard sale box.