Star Trek

Star Trek, 2009 film starring  Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy and many more.  The history that the original Kirk and Spock forged throughout the decades is wiped out and a new path begins.

The future Spock (Nimoy) travels back in time and gets stuck there.  A villainous Romulan named Nero, who blames Spock for the fall of all Romulan’s follows him back in time so that he can destroy the Federation and Vulcan.  This would alter his people’s time line and save them.  Nero arrives right at the birth time of Kirk (Pine) and kills his father and the ship he was to be born on.  Little did he know Kirk’s mother managed to escape and Kirk was born.  Kirk tries to live up to his father’s legacy by reluctantly joining Starfleet.  There he meets the young Spock (Quinto) and the others that would later be a part of his crew.  The Federation is now tasked with the job of hunting Nero down and destroying him before he further alters the time line.

There is a lot of conflict by many about the direction the new films take.  Die hard Star Trek fans were outraged that they would change the whole timeline in this film, virtually destroying 95% of Vulcan’s and putting the Federation on a whole new path.  Yes, that part was horrible, it would have changed the whole set up after the Enterprise…would there be a Voyager or even Deep Space Nine, a Picard?  Not likely.  Nero’s destruction may have killed many that were to be important in the original time line.

I am not a big fan of losing the Vulcan empire as they played such a big part of the originals but I look beyond that and try to experience it as it is intended, an alternate version.  The reason this series has held up so far is because of the actors portraying the original characters.  They acted and, roughly looked like the originals.  Of course with the advent of superior effects and CGI this film became a big hit and so did the sequels it spawned.  J.J. Abrams is a fantastic director and his vision for the film was fantastic.

I do hope that in later sequels, that I am sure will come, they will be able to find a way to go back in time themselves and erase the damage that Nero inflicted.  Looking forward to that but in the meantime I will enjoy these new takes on the Star Trek universe.



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