Super 8

Super 8, 2011 film starring Elle Fanning, AJ Michalka, Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard.  Who knew that making a film as a kid could net such great footage?

During the summer of 1979 a group of friends are making a movie with their super 8 machine.  The need to film a scene at a train station so they all sneak out at night.  While there a train passes by and suddenly derails with train cars smashing every where.  Something was in one of those cars though and has now gotten loose.  Soon the military moves in and people start disappearing and other unexplained events start happening.

Great little film that I found very entertaining.  This is the second time now I have watched it and it still remains a good one.  The story, though not fully unique (lots of alien scarring town films out there), was still very good.  I’m not sure why creators always have to make their aliens look so scary and monster like but in this instance it sort of worked.  The cgi was very good and made the interactions with live action relatively unnoticeable.  The kids in the film did a great job, very convincing.  Chandler is a great actor in his own right and performs very well as usual.

The sets and locations, props etc were very period accurate I thought, some scenes actually made me think of my own childhood growing up, well except for the big alien thingy!!  This was a very good film, worth your time.  Another very good film by JJ Abrams.