The Black Hole

The Black Hole, 2006 film starring Kristy SwansonJudd Nelson and David Selby.  This made for tv movie gets sucked into it’s own vortex and leaves us nothing but garbage left over to watch!

In St. Louis, a scientific experiment goes wrong producing a black hole and an energy beast hungry for electricity.  Soon the black hole expands and begins to engulf the city, now it’s up to the scientist to fix it before the government tries it’s number one plan….to nuke it!

I started watching this and immediately new it was not going to be good.  I expected more than I got after seeing the poster for it, dam, I thought it looked good.  The story had more than one “hole” in it and the creature that came out was a stupid idea.  The acting just wasn’t there … and what was up with Nelson’s hair?  Take a comb to it at least after all they are paying you to be in this! (which they should ask for a refund!).

I should have just turned it off initially but then I wouldn’t be able to warn you about it.  The story was poor at best.  The idea was ok but you need better writing and bigger stars.  Writers should also stop using the idea that the governments first idea in a crisis would be to nuke it!  This ended up up being a ‘B’ class movie at best, the only reason I go two stars is for the hard work the cgi teams put into it. Came out almost lifelike!    As for the rest, the mixture between poor writing and poor acting makes for a huge waste of my time.  If you do not believe me, go ahead and watch will be sorry!