The Book Of Eli

The Book Of Eli, 2010 film starring Denzel WashingtonMila KunisRay Stevenson and Gary Oldman.  Powerful post apocalyptic science fiction tale of the struggle to keep some form of civilization safe.

In a post apocalyptic world we find a lone man, Eli (Washington) heading west where he believes there is a safe haven for a book in his possesion that he believes holds the secret to mankind’s salvation.  He must fight off crazed animals and greedy, ruthless warlords as well as keep himself fed in a world where there is not much to go around.  In his travels he meets Solara (Kunis) who was told by the warlord Carnegie (Oldman) to get that book to him.  They soon team up to fight Carnegie and his men and continue the westward journey.

Powerful, entertaining and very well written film.  Without giving it away, I did not see coming what we discover near the end and boy, what a twist that made.  Looking back after seeing it a few times I am surprised I missed the subtle clues throughout.  Washington was excellent in this film as was Kunis and of course Oldman.  A huge cast that did not disappoint.  The story was good, sure we have seen many stories of life after the apocalypse but this one had a good twist, great actors and awesome cgi.  There was no real color to it but the Hughes Brothers were looking for a found that authentic look, bleak darker scenery and torn down cities.  The soundtrack for this was eerie and a bit creepy, perfect for this!  I say great job here, I have seen this a few times now and will again.