The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element, 1997 film starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman.  Flying cars, purple people and a big ball of doom!

In the far off, distant future Ex marine Korben Dallas (Willis) who now drives a cab has a crazy fair land in his lap, litterally.  Turns out she is the perfect being, the fifth element and she needs to be united with the four other elements in the form of stones to enable a most powerful weapon.  The weapon is needed to destroy the ball of pure evil that is headed towards the Earth.

This is a far fetched but very fun movie.  I know it is an older one but I hear it has produced quite a cult following. For me, entertainment was what I was looking for and yes, I found it here.  Though the producers and director think our future may entail so much color it was still good.  The story was somewhat unique and the acting was very good.  Jovovich played very well, was fun to watch her.  CGI here was surprisingly good for the nineties which they needed a fair amount of it.  In all, great entertaining movie which should only be a one of.  I don’t see any way this story can be spun into a sequel, which is good in this case.  Give it a try, it’s funny and exciting, a great film to watch.