The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown, 1980 film starring  Kirk DouglasMartin SheenKatharine Ross and James Farentino.  A brilliant film that never seemed to get the praise it deserved.

The USS Nimitz encounters a bizarre storm that sends the ship through a crack in time.  They end up in December 6, 1941!  Only hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  After finally being convinced that they are not in a wild dream, Captain Yelland (Douglas) orders a strike on the Japanese fleet that will change history.

This is an older movie, yes but it holds it’s value to this day.  I have seen this film many times now and I consider it one of my all time favourites.  The film contains humor, suspense and a thrilling story of time travel in the modern age.  The cast was bang on, they all did their jobs to the utmost.  Believability in a character is key for me and in this film I didn’t doubt any of them.  The visuals were ok by 80’s standards and the fact that the film was shot on the actual air craft carrier USS Nimitz in the Atlantic Ocean (and the USS Kittyhawk while they were in Pearl) was a huge win for the film.  Not only was it a great story but it showed realism, no fake sets.  I guess the point of the film would be that if time travel was possible, would you change what has been?  That’s a tough question.For me, this film was that entertaining that I quite often re-watch it and never tire of it, now that’s a great legacy for a film to have!!