The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter, 1984 film starring Lance GuestRobert PrestonKay E. Kuter and Dan O’Herlihy.  You just knew that video games were actually teaching us valuable lessons.

Alex (Guest) was a teenager who didn’t have much of a purpose in life.  When not repairing things and working at the trailer park he lived at he would play the new video game ‘Starfighter’ outside the snack shop.  He played it so often he became the all time high champ but unbeknownst to him an alien named Centaurie (Preston) was notified of Alex’s high score and flew to Earth to meet him.  There, he convinced Alex to accompany him and eventually convinced him to become a Starfighter to help protect the galaxy from the invading Ko-Dan Armada.

This was from 84 when video games were not that real as they are today.  You actually had to go to arcades with quarters and play them but hey, what else is an eighties teen to do?  I first saw this film back when it came out and all of us teens back then wanted this to happen to us.  That is probably why the film did so well back then.  Even today it still holds up as a classic.  It is no Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars but it was a good, fun movie.  Don’t forget, this was 84 so the CGI was not the greatest, in fact they were still learning how to use it so some of the scenes, by today’s standards are horrible.  That is probably why it has only achieved a mediocre rating on most sites.  The film was made 34 years ago now and CGI is probably only 35, not green screening, CGI.

The acting was very good, some good names in it and the supporting cast was great.  The story was a good one, again, it’s from 1984 so most stories for film were fairly new and exciting.  For those who enjoy this kind of film from this era will definitely enjoy it, it is exciting and entertaining and even has some funny aspects to it.  For those like me looking for good entertainment, this will do it