The Martian

The Martian, 2015 film starring Matt DamonJessica ChastainKristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels.  I’d been waiting years for a good movie like this to come out.  The Martian is an all around great movie about a man’s struggle to stay alive.

Stranded on Mars after a devastating and violent sand storm Watney (Damon) has to find a way to stay alive, grow food and communicate with earth while he waits for earth to send a rescue.  His crew is on their way back and can’t turn around and go back or else it will run out of fuel.   Good days and bad combined with the weather on Mars make for a very entertaining film.

This film has now taken over as my favorite SF of all time (It used to be Independence Day).  It is so similar to a short story I wrote in high school back in the early eighties.  Can’t say enough good about it.  The visuals were awesome and the cast was spot on, way to go.  Will watch again and again.

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