The Road

The Road, 2009 film starring Viggo MortensenCharlize Theron and Kodi Smit-McPhee.  Post apocalyptic, dirty, depressing world with a touch of cannibalism!

A father and son roam the country looking for food and safe harbor after the end of the world, dodging scavengers that kill people for food.  Theron is in the top billing (I guess they needed a name that sells) but she was hardly in this film.  She played the wife who just up and walked away from her husband and son after the apocalypse!  The man himself, Robert Duvall played a bit part in this and was on the top billing, again, names sell…even if what you are buying is crap!!  The entire film I wanted to know what happened to the world, it was never explained.  I was bored with this one, just the father and the son wandering with him getting a little sicker all the time.  The acting, I guess, was ok and the CGI was basic, nothing to brag about.

The story was not even that good, just wandering the country with the odd altercation.The film just seemed to go on and on, heck I didn’t even pause it when I had to get up!  The scenes were bleak, barely any color in the film though if were after the end of the world it could possibly look like that.  Then they reach the ocean….should there not have been more…guess not!  There was no clear cut goal from the father except to just wonder and protect his boy.  I do not normally go down to a one star for a film but this one was really a waste of my time.  Not recommended watching, sorry.