The Shape Of Water

The Shape Of Water, 2017 film starring Sally HawkinsOctavia Spencer and Michael Shannon.  Oscar winning film this year, why, I’m not sure.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was good but not Oscar worthy. 

It’s the story of a mute janitor Elisa (Hawkins) living in the 50’s or 60’s who works at a classified facility with her friend Zelda (Spencer).  She stumbles across one of the facilities projects, an amphibian creature that was captured in South America. The government wants to know it’s secrets, the Russians want the creature and Elisa wants to save it.

It’s a weird story, I suppose you can call it a love story.  The visuals were great of course, not only did they get the time period right but integrating it with the cgi of the amphibian was also good.  They did use a man in a suit for this but overall it came off clean.  Worth watching for sure but I am on the fence as to whether it should go in the ‘Watch Again’ collection.

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