The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us, 2017 film starring Gary OldmanAsa ButterfieldCarla Gugino and Britt Robertson.  So so story of interplanetary relationships and adventure.

It’s a story of the first boy to be born on Mars who dreams of the day he may visit his mothers home world.  One day, as a young man he finally gets the chance to make the visit.  He see’s wondrous things and is amazed at the sites but suddenly his body starts to react to his new climate.  Turns out his body is not compatible with the Earths gravity and atmosphere.

I’ve read books in days gone by with stories similar to this, not saying I didn’t like it, it was ok.  Oldman is good as usual and so was Robertson. (I find her a fresh face on the acting scene)  Butterfield I guess was ok but I wasn’t hugely turned on by the film in general.  There were a lot of scientifically inacurate stuff but you will need to dismiss that in order to enjoy it.   I think it was a good watch once film but it doesn’t belong on my shelf.

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