Thunderbirds, 2004 film starring Bill PaxtonAnthony Edwards and Ben Kingsley.  This could have been so much better, especially with today’s film technology!

I, among many grew up watching the thunderbirds and International Rescue.  This story focuses on the evil Hood (Kingsley) finds the headquarters  and manages to take it over.  He traps all the Tracey men in space, all except the youngest, Alan Tracey (Brady Corbet) who with his friends must find a way to defeat him and rescue the trapped Tracey men.

I suppose if I were still a kid this would be a good movie but I am not and I live in a world where movies, no matter how far fetched, look and feel real.  I love it when they re-boot movies or tv series from when I was young (70s) and make them into mega productions.  This film could have been that but they chose to focus it on the kid as the prime audience, too bad!  The late great Mr Paxton and Ben Kingsley were of course great in it but that’s as far as I can go.  It could have been so much better!!!  Not a ‘Watch Again’ movie for me but probably one for any young boy between say 5 and 10.

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