Tomorrowland, 2015 film starring George ClooneyBritt Robertson and Hugh Laurie.  As a somewhat of a departure roll for Clooney this film came off to me as a decent family film.

At the 1964 worlds fair an inventive boy meets an interesting and mysterious young girl who whisks him to an enchanted future city.  In modern times a young teenage girl, Casey Newton (Robertson) finds a mysterious pin that when touched whisks her away to that same city of the future.  Obsesses by getting back to the city she learns more about the pin, gets attacked by future guards and meets that same young girl, Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who helps her.  She leads Casey to that young man from the 64 fair, Frank Walker (Clooney) who is now grown.

Walker knows the secrets and grudgingly agrees to help them get back to Tomorrowland where the countdown is on for the end of the world.  Now the trio must find a way to save the planet from a destruction organized by Nix (Laurie).  Only then can Tomorrowland be resurrected to it’s former glory.

Most critics saw this film as a goof, where Clooney has reached the peak of the hill and is now on his way down the other side.  I found it an enjoyable, entertaining film filled with promise and laughter, not the usual killing, stealing and world dominating hunger that engulfs most new films these day.  If you want to spend and afternoon being fully entertained, then this is for you.

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