Transformers, 2007 film starring  Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel and Jon Voight.  Nice to see this competition from Hasbro.

Far into another galaxy a war had been waged between the defenders of good and the gang of evil on the planet Cybertron, a planet of autonomous robot creatures.  The evil Decepticons want possession of the Allspark, a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possesses it.  The good guys called the Autobot’s managed to hide the Allspark on an obscure planet called Earth.  Megatron, leader of the Deception’s finds out and chases it it to Earth but both are lost to the sheer cold and depths of Earths arctic.  Some 150 plus years later the Decepticons somehow discover that both are on Earth and try and locate their leader.  The Autobot’s, with the help of a young boy, his girlfriend and the military (after being convinced) they try to find the Allspark so they can destroy it rather than have it in the hands of Megatron.

That was just an abbreviated version of the synopsis, there is some much more going on!  I have seen the Transformer movies before but not since I decided to start reviewing everything I see.  Not much new on Netfix or any other of my streaming sites till after Christmas so I decided to revisit a lot of these action films.  It is definitely nice to see DC Comics and Marvell get competition for this type of superior action and hero type films.

Everyone fell in love with the Autobot characters, especially Bumblebee and were instantly pulling for them to win the battle.  It was a refreshing film to come onto the scene.  Though the transformers have lived for years in comics and cartoons this was the first time the movie going public really became aware.  I loved this film, the mixture between humor and action was excellent.  The fact that there was a lot of killing yet you didn’t actually see much of it.  The combination of live action and CGI was so good and realistic that it was very difficult to notice.

The story mixed with the great acting and powerful CGI made this a top notch blockbuster that land on most everyone’s ‘Watch Again’ shelf.  This film actually garnered 44 nominations including 3 Oscar nominations.  Though it did not win an Oscar it did win 20 other awards in different honorarium’s.  This was the first in what is so far (at the time of writing) a series of 5 films with more on the way.  Great stuff and looking forward to seeing the rest.



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