Watch The Sky

Watch The Sky, 2017 film starring Luke Albright, J. Nicole Brooks and George Caleodis.  Horrible, I think the aliens abducted the writers brains in this B movie.

Steve Neary (Albright) and his brother launch a model shuttle via weather balloon that is equipped with high definition live streaming video.  When the shuttle reaches their target height it begins recording.  It captures alien space ships flying in Earth’s orbit.  Scared the start heading back but they are not alone, men in black and aliens are on their tails.  There is another sub story about their father, the local sheriff who is trying to determine what happened to an older farmer (unbeknownst to him, he was taken by aliens).

First off, this could have been a good movie if they had gotten some better actors and actually finished the story!!  The ending was crap, left you hanging on both stories that were taking place.  It ended so badly that I actually swore!!, I mean, it just ended!  Right when the story might have become appealing it just ended!!    The acting was not good, very amateurish from the start.  Obviously the producers could not even afford good CGI people because this just sucked.  The characters were just not that interesting and they gave details of their lives that you din’t need.  I don’t normally say this but don’t waste your time on this one and if you do you will likely say ‘crap, he was right’.  There is just nothing about this I can say was good except maybe the California scenery.