Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship, 2002 film starring  Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne and Ron Eldard.  Watch this one the day before you set sail on a cruise ship!

After a pilot, Ferriman (Desmond Harrington) snaps a photo of an abandoned boat he temps a salvage crew to help him find it.  The crew discovers a cruise ship floating in the ocean that went missing in 1962.  Once they board it and start looking around strange things begin to happen.  Their investigation leads them to think something terrible happened to these people and that’s when it gets worse for them…

This film was a bit of a cross over from horror to action but it never really attained either.  It was good and there were some things that made me jump.  It was not till near the end that I realized the one characters true identity.  The story was ok but not original and very reminiscent of an older film.  The acting was just alright here.  When characters started dying you kind of said ‘too bad but oh well’ and moved on.  The CGI and colors chosen ( the bleakness) was good, definitely gave the movie the horror feel.  The background always had the moving water reflection going on which was right in most scenes but well overused throughout, the ship was still afloat so there should not have been that much free standing water everywhere.  Overall, it was entertaining.  A good waste of time but not one I will watch twice.