The Vanishing

The Vanishing, 2018 film starring Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Connor Swindells.  Also known as ‘Keepers’ telling one of many possible stories based on the Flannan Isle mystery.

The year is 1900 and three men are headed out to relieve three others on a remote island, twenty miles from the Scottish coast, with lighthouse duty.  The island is small and uninhabited except for the lighthouse staff.  Several days pass and they are all now into their normal routine.  After a severe storm a discovery is made, a small wooden raft with a dead man and a box.  While trying to retrieve the box the dead man surprisingly springs to life and attacks Donald (Swindells) and he is forced to defend himself and kills the man.  No wonder, inside the chest was gold bars but that brings more men to the island looking for it.  Events begin to spiral out of control until there is no one left on the island.

I first decided to watch this because it had Butler in it and he doesn’t normally make bad films.  This one was not bad but it was slow moving and never really becomes a fast paced who done it!  I could not always understand what they were saying because of the bad (or maybe even good) Scottish accents.  There were also some gaps like why the heck did Butlers character do what he did near the end?  Never explained.  Where did the kid come from??

To me even the acting was not up to par but not horrible.  The story was obviously just one thought on what may have happened on the tiny island and nobody really knows what happened.  This film could have been a much better thriller if they were to explain more and keep the scenes short and sweet.  There were times throughout that I was about to give up on the film but I didn’t.  This film unfortunately does not fall into the ‘Watch Again’ category.