12 Strong

12 Strong, 2018 film starring Chris HemsworthMichael ShannonMichael Peña and more.  Gripping true story of the first 12 soldiers who went into Afghanistan after 9 11.

Under the leadership of a new captain (Captain Mitch Nelson played by Hemsworth) he is ordered to take his team into Afghanistan to take on the Taliban head on shortly after the 9 11 attacks in 2001.  The team meets up with  a warlord who guides them to the various Taliban fronts where they order air strikes from the B-52’s flying high above.  Still with an air of distrust the Warlord and the team work through their issues to attain the mutual goal of driving back and killing the Taliban. The warlord, who would later become part of the newly formed Northern Alliance, hates the Taliban for their vicious ways of ruling and treating the citizens of the Afghan Nation and the US soldiers who carry the burden of the thousands of lost American Souls in the recent attacks.

Using horses to traverse the brutal Afghan countryside the team manages to defeat Taliban strongholds when they meet up with them then comes the major battle where Taliban leaders hold up and barrage the team with missiles and hundreds of armed men.  Knowing this is a vital point in their mission they charge in on horseback shooting it out in a battle that would be known to the Taliban as their worst defeat ever.  All by a group of 12 American soldiers and a band of Afghan rebels.

The visuals in this film were fantastic and the acting equally so.  Together the movie depicted a tough, brutal and ugly battle that began the war in Afghanistan.  This is a must watch for history buffs and already I am looking forward to seeing the film again.  This defiantly goes in my ‘Watch Again’ collection.

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