Defiance, 2008 film starring  Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell.  Very hard hitting tale of survival from Hitler’s obsession at mass genocide to the Jews.

After losing their family and home to the German invasion of Poland and Belorussian the four Jewish Bielski brothers take to the forest to hide and survive. They take on others who are trying to survive and soon become the leaders responsible for over a thousand Jewish refugees.  Living in the Belorussian forests the must  survive the conditions, attempts by the Germans to kill them and neighboring Russian Partisans trying to fight the Germans.

For a lot of us or our parents we all know what happened over there, saw the images or the news reels and were horrified at what was going on.  For the newer generations this film tells a very important story, one which must be told.  The lives of millions were snuffed out by the racial dictator Hitler.  His hatred for the Jewish was so strong he wanted them all wiped of the planet.  He wouldn’t have stopped there either.  Once he would rid the world of Jews he would turn to other races that were not Aryan and do the same.  This film centers on the bravery of the brothers and the willingness of the people to survive.  It showed their commitment, their compassion their fears and their hopes.  It was truly an amazing tale and the end result is that today there are over ten thousand descendants of these survivors.

Craig and Schreiber give absolutely outstanding performances, the film makers could not have done better with the choice.  The supporting cast was also flawless and passionate.  I truly felt like someone had ripped open time and I was watching this really happen.  Now that is what a movie should do.  The locations and scenery were bang on and the costume and prop design were very accurate.  This film exuded much emotion,  you were pulling for them and you were heartbroken when one dies.  Remember, “Freedom begins with an act of defiance!”    Yes, this tale was told brilliantly and should be watched by every student in history classes around the world.  Great job, defiantly a watch again film.